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nym | 09:30 AM
'Mr. Clapp lost both his legs above the knee and his right arm just short of his shoulder after falling onto train tracks almost five years ago near his home in Grover Beach, Calif. After years of rehabilitation and trying a series of prosthetics, each more technologically sophisticated than the last, he finally found his legs.


"The notion that your leg is a machine part and it is exposed, that it is an enhancement, is becoming comfortable in the sense that it can be made a part of you."'

It had to happen, and it did. I got into a fight with my girlfriend about replacing body parts, and she seemed really concerned that I might actually remove a leg in order to replace it. I explained that I would only want to improve, not take a step back, from my humanity. That being said, she still didn't like the idea of replacing my bones with stronger materials, or other unseen modifications. Interesting how some people react to tampering with the human body when it's not meant to restore someone, like with this bloke who lost his legs in a train accident.

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Hey, igargoyle is live again! coolness!

Anyway, I get much the same reactions about body mods and hacks... obsolete humans!

Posted by: Michiel at June 30, 2005 10:47 AM
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