Maybecameras Invade AMC CFP Conf

nym | 09:49 AM
So get this. The conference organizers actually turned every conference bag into a maybecamera replete with its individual dome... It was really bizarre and effective, causually mixing with hundreds of other dome-carriers at a conference with a title of "Panopticon"... And guess what? It's the first time I have come home from a conference with something both my (university age) children wanted!

The good news (in terms of future conversation) is that the folks from eyetap.org sent me this update:

Slides from the conference keynote, opening plenary panel (Steve Mann, David Brin, Latanya Sweeney, and others) are in wearcam.org/cfp2005/

Pictures are here, including pictures of the dome sewing party where many well known volunteers such as John Gilmore, Jon Pincus, Deborah Pierce, etc., helped to make 500 maybecameras, one for each conference attendee. Some of the maybecameras had wireless transmitters to send live video offsite, but attendees did not know whether or not they were watching.

For more background information on the maybecamera sousveillance project, see some of the papers published in Leonardo on this topic.

[Kim Cameron]

[ Found via Steve Mann's wearcam.org ]