Mapping Hacks

nym | 10:46 PM
Just recently a book I contributed to got released. It's called Mapping Hacks and it's another from the O'Reilly hack series like Google Hacks and Mind Hacks.

It was written by my geo-wanker friends, most notably Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, and Jo Walsh. If you want to order the book, please do so using this link. I won't get a cut, but Schuyler, Rich, and Jo will.

Mapping Hacks [Amazon.com]

The GIS community is giving some good reviews too:

"Part of the value of this tome (it's more than 500 pages) is the accessible descriptions of technology. Want to understand how wardriving works? Check page 69. Need to understand projections? That's page 120. The discussions are clear, and personable, as though your best friend were explaining it to you. And, that's nice since, in the foreward, respected geospatial "programmer for hire" Frank Warmerdam admits to wanting to share a copy with his mother, hoping she'll try some hacks." [Directions Magazine

If you're into digital cartography, it's a pretty good book. My hack is about doing your own georeferenced photos, and it's hack #10.

[ Link to the dev blog. Link to the O'Reilly page on Mapping Hacks with sample hackery. ]

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