New Geography Con

nym | 03:22 PM

[from Rich Gibson's Photos]

fortmap.jpgA GeoWanker friend of mine, Mike Liebhold organized the New Geography confrence with the Institute for the Future. Tech writer, Howard Rheingold wrote up his take of the "locative experience" which included a psychogeographic walk using tablet PCs and Chris Goad's maps from his company Map Bureau.

'Together with a busload of other geoweb neophytes, I found myself carrying a GPS-equipped tablet PC around a decommissioned army base overlooking the Golden Gate. I clicked on one of the hotspots on the photomap of our location. A note popped up -- from the late, great Jerry Garcia, who had been quoted in print about the place we were exploring because Fort Scott in San Francisco's Presidio is where Garcia served in the army in his pre-Dead and predead days.' [The Geoweb and Deep Place]

Pictured to the right is one of the maps the group used, which is a really great example of what geotagging can bring out about the world around us.


[The Geoweb and Deep Place. Thanks Mike!]