Many Places, One Mind

nym | 09:49 AM


Anesthesiologists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are doing something that many people in important jobs are likely to start doing over the next three years, just as mechanics in auto shops are - using mediated reality. Vanderbilt's Anesthesiologists are using head mounted displays to be in many places at once, by use of cameras. Future security guards will likely follow suit, wearing HMDs that allow them to see many places and pull up individual cameras to view away from their control room.

"Attached to an anesthesiologist's goggles are a tiny screen, and a video-panel from each of the four on-going surgeries, displaying real-time images of his patients and their vital signs. Besides, information can instantly flash before his eye: surgery schedules, medical charts, patient histories, etc.

'You may actually be monitoring anywhere from 4-to-15 patients at one time,' says Dr. Michael Higgins. 'In any one of those situations something can happen to a patient.'" [far far future]

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