NPR Steve Mann Interview

nym | 08:33 PM

I'm an avid NPR listener, so I was totally pleased to find out that they have interviewed the ever evolving cyborg, Steve Mann. He talks about his body's "dashboard" which shows him his heartrate and other bodily functions. Also touches on sousveillance - "the people watching the powers that be". Available in both RealAudio & Windows Media Player 9.

"NPR's Andrea Seabrook talks to Dr. Steve Mann, a computer science engineer in Toronto, Canada, who may be the world's first "cyborg" -- part man, part machine. Mann has boosted his sensory abilities with special glasses and implanted sensors that enhance his perception of reality and give him constant biofeedback. He's the author of Cyborg: Digital Destiny and Human Possibility in the Age of the Wearable Computer and a pioneer in the field of cybernetics."

[Link via news.google.com:cyborg. Photo from wearcam]]


Hopefully someone will 'glog the TV04 event. Maybe there will be some gargoyles there.

Some of us may be 'glogging at the event, and post here to put URL.

We'll check back this site to see also if others are input, so maybe we can get multiple 'glogs and stitch them together for a better view.

Posted by: Gargoyles at event at July 20, 2004 08:07 AM