Kevin Warwick, 1st Cyborg?

nym | 09:07 AM

Kevin Warwick seemed like a pretty cool guy when I first picked up a wired issue with his face on the cover, but I quickly realised that this bloke is just a media whore and a bunch of hot air, and now he's trying to claim that he's the "World's first cyborg".

"Critics have also accused Warwick of having creative thinking abilities that exceed his scientific abilities. These critics claim that he excels at his publicity stunts, while being regarded as somewhat of a joke in the cybernetics field due to his inability to produce meaningful data. (If you are going to go through the trouble of sticking a chip in yourself, researchers have said, why not do something more interesting than turning on lights automatically?)" [betterhumans]

It's amazing that this guy ignores significant criticism for his tatics and lack of real development. Even Wired, after doing a feature story on Warwick, wrote a followup article entitled Kevin Warwick: Cyborg or Media Doll? exposing the stupidity of reporters who follow the "1st Cyborg".

"The scientists I deal with generally groan when Kevin Warwick comes out with another stunt," said Inman Harvey, a senior research fellow at Sussex University's Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics. "He seems to be just a buffoon with a good line in hoodwinking the media into thinking that what he is doing is cutting-edge science."


[Warwick]'s been surprised by the criticism.

"None of them have said anything to me," he said. "I'm not going to get into some sideline, trivial argument. I've got research that I want to get on with and that's the important thing for me." [wired news]

Kevin, get a clue, and let the media interview the real cyborgs like Steve Mann.

[silly multi-light photo taken without permission from kevin's media whore website]