GPS Waypoints for Burning Man

nym | 07:30 PM

Above photo is a montage of the road data + art installations, the lower right image is what it will likely look like on your GPS. I used the Mad Max photo since he looks pretty lost like I usually am.

If you're going to Burning Man, and you're taking a GPS, you might want to nab these files, which are waypoints for Burning Man. They look a bit old, as the playa changes slightly every year, but I'll make sure to get the skinny since I'm doing technomadics at Burning Man anyways.

"These maps work with pretty much any handheld GPS receiver with a graphic screen and a computer connection cable; you do not need a "Mapping" receiver. They use the "track" and "waypoint" memories to draw streets and important locations on your GPS receiver's screen." [Mapping Black Rock City with GPS]

[Link from bm.tribe.net]