Digital Tattoos

nym | 04:13 PM

Digital Tattoos are an interesting idea to me since traditional tattoos are awfully static. Imagine having an animated mario on your arm, or a winking woman. I'm not sure how soon this kind of stuff will be a reality, but I'm sure it's a possibility body modification technologists are working on, as this patent suggests. The above photo is a concept from the core77 memory contest, and also brings a third element to the digital tattoo- connectivity. The digital tattoo on the virtual model shows the weather condition on his cheek, which could just as easily be the number of American soldiers killed during the Iraq war, or the color-coded homeland security alert level.

Comments are open so you can tell igargoyle what you would put on your digital tattoo.

[Link via beverlytang]


That's just what we need: a nation of faces all broadcasting the Homeland Security Colored Threat Schema. Maybe we should all just have our face muscles hooked up to the government so that when the threat level goes up, our face automatically falls into a frown, and when it goes down, we are shocked into smiling. How efficient, you know?

Posted by: BlackWhole at July 15, 2004 10:35 AM