The Witnessential Net

nym | 10:17 PM

This photo shows Steve Mann wearing an EyeTap device and a screen displaying photos published by his EyeTap off his website. I think this rig could be a bit more aesthetic, but it certainly confronts people with the fact that they're being recorded. I found this photo while reading a paper written by Mann called "The Witnessential Net":

"The Witnessential Network for the protection of Human Rights workers, and others who may be subjected to violence, is achieved through a new kind of imaging and hierarchical architecture having special properties ideal for defense against unaccountability of attackers. Incidentalist video capture and self-demotion are introduced as new collegial forms of defense against unaccountability. Results of various experiments conducted worldwide over the past 20 years, on the inventing, designing, building, and using of wearable photographic apparatus having these special properties are also described. Other fundamental concepts with respect to a Personal Safety Device suitable for Human Rights workers are introduced."