More GPS Gadgets

nym | 11:09 AM

8277418074117263.jpgEngadget just gave some interesting information about some GPS units which act a bit differently. These were originally spotted by the Inquirer at the Computex trade show in Taiwan this week.

BT-318...a Bluetooth GPS module from GlobalSat which has an optional GPRS modem that�ll let you get online with your PDA or laptop (as long as they have Bluetooth, too). The other is Aqik�s new GPS locator for automobiles, which comes with a built-in GSM cellphone so that if your car gets stolen all you have to do is send the locator a text message and you�ll instantly get a message back with its exact location. And since it�s also a phone you can even secretly call it up and listen in on the thieves enjoying your automobile.

[Link via engadget]