New Pocket PCs

nym | 04:54 PM

Two new Pocket PCs have hit the market which look pretty tempting.

e805toshiba.jpgThe first is the Toshiba e805, which sports a really nice 640x480 display (the first of it's kind). In addition, the e805 has a wireless card built in (like the newer iPaqs), 160MB RAM, and a 400MHz processor. The e805 is available now from Amazon for $559.99.

In the footsteps of the iQue, MiTAC announced the first Pocket PC (as opposed to a Palm PDA) with Built-in GPS. The unit, called the Mio 168, has 64MB of RAM and can do 300MHz. Unlike Tohiba's model, the Mio 168 has a regular sized 240 by 320 display. Pretty neat, but only available in Taiwan now, and China soon. No plans for the US.

Now why can't someone include a good display, GPS, and WiFi? Is this too much to ask?

Found via Gizmodo - e805 / Mio 168.