IR Augmented Vision POV Cam

nym | 03:02 PM

Here's a new POV cam called the X-Reflect Goggles, which is aimed at the voyeur market. This is obviously an area where people are more likely to shell out $2,400USD to capture data. I get the feeling that like the toy market, the sex industry may provide a strong source of gargoyle hardware, at a much more competitive price.

This POV cam is aimed at '[seeing] through some type of clothing material (mostly swimwear and many types of synthetic materials)', but it would also make a great augmented vision camera for low light conditions where you'd like to provide a spotlight for your POV cam without using natural light. All you would have to do is attach some IR emitters from the sides of these things, and attach the video cables to your computer.

It boasts 470 Lines of resolution, built in IR chips and IR pass filters. color output, adjustable exposure, auto IRIS, auto white balance, light weight, and a year warranty. Here are some non-worksafe examples of what kind of output you'd get in the daylight. Honestly, TekGear should pick these up and market them to the wearable market. After all, if you're staring at women in swimsuits wearing this thing, they probably know what you're up to.

Thanks to FleshBot's 'Spy Glasses' and Gizmodo's (yes we love them) 'For all the voyeurs in the house: get x-ray vision'.