August 17, 2003

Roam-Net Kiosk Trailer

kiosk.jpgYou may have wondered why this feed has been a bit dry recently, but it's all in the name of technomadic progress. The editors of this blog, nym and dragoon have been busy working on the Roam-Net Kiosk Trailer for Burning Man 2003.

The Kiosk Trailer is a roaming extension of Burning Man's PlayaNet WiFi network, and a place where people will be able to hop on the internet via the Oregon County Fair's satelite uplink.

In addition, we'll be doing a timelapse camera off the Kiosk Trailer to give you folks some data to suck on.

Expect to see more hardware, information gathering, and gargoyle goodness after Sept 3rd, and possibly a playa-post during the event. After all our Roam-Net project is a bit of a gargoyle dream.

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