Video Phone Ubiquity

nym | 11:46 PM

Dragoon pointed me out to this post he had previously written. He will be away for the next month, but I am likely to increase my writing during this time. If anyone would wish to write in this blog, please don't hesitate to email.

img_phone_3.jpgWe found out about a consumer-level use of digital recorders via Boing Boing, titled 'UK pub toilet rape captured on phonecams by onlookers'. Video phones are definately be a big proponent of cheap gargoyle items, as we can expect this technology to become standard items quite soon. Some people at The Register think that phones are going to become "the new computer".

Dragoon [Boing Boing and Hit and Run] at 06-17-2003 06:14 PM ET
"LA County's impounding camera phones already. No official notices up yet, but the courthouse guards noticed my attachment when it went through the metal detector.

One thing that struck me about this:

More and more phones are coming with cameras not as an attachment, but as a built-in component, just like the memo-recording capability of many phones. And videophones capable of low-quality streaming video are on the verge of moving from satellites to local networks and becoming accessible to consumers, not just embedded reporters.

Which means you're going to have a lot more people who are going to be forced to relinquish their phones in various places, even as more people become accustomed to always having the same communication power as a TV station and newspaper, although a insignificant percent of the audience, in a mobile fashion."

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