GPS Tagged CamPhones

nym | 08:30 PM

geophone.jpgWritten by dav, someone I know through infoanarchy.org. I found the article on the web through muxway:

"Mie's cellphone can tag each photo she takes with the latitude/longitude coordinates. Last night she tried sending a geotagged jpeg for the first time, so this morning I started researching how to get the coordinates out of the jpeg. It turns out that the data is stored in EXIF headers.
Finally, I found a java library/util called metadata-extractor which seems to parse every bit of data it can from the jpeg, including all of the GPS data!

Now I was in business. I hacked in a call to the java util in blogpost.pl and also some code which causes each geo-coded image to be hot linked to a japanese version of mapquest called mapfan. A better system would take a look at the coordinates and link to whatever map system was appropriate (mapquest or tiger for US and European locations) but for right now the only person using geo-tagged jpegs with my blogpost.pl (that I know of) is Mie, and her phone only works in Japan." -Exerpt from AkuAku SF