August 14, 2002

Web Site Design Evolving

For those new to the idea, a gargoyle, a term used by author Neil Stephenson in his book Snow Crash, among other authors, describes "a person who is decked out in computer gear such that they are able to catalog all data collected through their senses as well as get data that is useful to whatever goal that they have". This article describes my original goals and desires behind

I love the idea, but for those outside the slashdot crowd, the term requires some explanation. Thus, I created the term infogargoyle, or for short, igargoyle to describe a roaming high tech indivdual who collects data. Why would someone want to become an igargoyle? Personally, I'd like to be able to be able to see visual time lapse from a first person perspective at the end of a day, maintain a wireless blog, and be able to act as camera man and reporter all by myself.

"Your mistake, ... is that you think that all mechanically assisted organisms - like me - are pathetic cripples. In fact, we are better than we were before."
-Snow Crash

My main goal of this site is to create a hub for all the information gathers around the world, as well as a place with articles and documentation on setting yourself up with equipment to gather information. If you have a mobile camera, or would like to upload the contents of a digital camera you carry, please contact me, nym at [email protected].

Posted by nym at 09:54 PM