December 10, 2004
New Geo-Games

Yay, two more cool new GeoGames out there. The first is another take on Pac-Man, technically quite like the ARQuake project.


'Remember back in May when those crazy kids at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program were using cellphones to play giant games of Pac-Man on the streets of Manhattan? Yeah, well they just got one-upped by the Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore, which is using head-mounted displays, inertia sensors, GPS receivers, and Bluetooth to play their own real-life version of Pac-Man (except they call it “Human Pacman”). Players can roam around the streets of Singapore gobbling up virtual pellets and power pills. (Weird side note: the project was financed by the Singaporean military, which apparently is looking for new ways to prepare for a ghost invasion.) They hope to have a version that you can play on cellphones ready within two years.' [engadget]

The other is called Glofun RayGun, and is planned to be released early 2005 by GloVentures.


'A mobile loaded with RayGun software emits "spectral" energy that lets you attract and track ghosts. But that energy annoys the ghosts, so you have to "ionize" them before they get to you.

To aim the raygun at a ghost, you must physically move toward it. The faster you walk/run, the higher the raygun’s range.' [near near future]

Oh and it uses the Nextel GPS phones, so you can beta test for free if you have the i710 or i730. By the way, I own the i860, and man is it sweet, if you don't mind the shitty outgoing plans. GPS and cameraphone. I love it.

By the way... kids, don't make prank phone calls to 911, especially with a GPS cellphone.

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