July 21, 2004
What the !@#$% do we know?

vfx1.jpgI went to a showing of a independent film called "What the !@#$% do we know?" last night. I thought the film was going to be some new-agey astrology flick, but turned out to be a lovely film about transhumanism, quantum physics, and religion. It blends scientists, philosophers, drama, and beautiful computer graphics to communicate the message of self-awareness and to describe complex ideas like neural networks.

The film had been held over for five extra weeks at the cinema I went to, so no doubt that it's distribution will continue to grow.


"[What the !@#$%] adds a surprisingly human edge to the science of quantum mechanics and tries its darnedest to convince the human race that we are, in fact, masters of our own reality and not just dust blowing in the wind..." [Entertainment Today]

Even if you don't think that everything presented is completely true, this is a thought provoking film, which made me think seriously about enlightenment and transhumanism.


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