July 20, 2004
Directions for Pedestrians

pedtran.gifEver try using mapquest to get walking directions? A bit afraid to take their recommendation to use the freeway? Maybe you need better directions...

"PEPTRAN is able to plan the best possible journey between two points, using a combination of driving, walking and public transport services.

Whereas traditional journey planning services only offer one mode of transport, PEPTRAN is able to offer a journey based on driving, walking and public transport services. You might start your journey by driving to the edge of a city, where PEPTRAN will direct you to a car park which has vacant spaces. PEPTRAN will then tell you how to reach the nearest metro station or bus stop, and will tell you which line or service to take to reach your destination. To offer the best possible route from A to B, PEPTRAN knows what is happening out on the street. For example, if your bus is running late, maybe there's a better way?" [PEPTAN]

The service is only offered in Winchester and Hapshire in the UK, and Torino in Italy, but ideas like these don't generally stay so localized. Maybe some big map company will take the hint, and start including public transport information in their maps.

[Link via near near future]

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