July 10, 2004
Transhumanism Poetry
pierce me, puncture me

underneath my skin

drive that metal
drive that steel

underneath my skin

packets of silicon
plastic and seawater

underneath the skin

flesh so forgiving
bone melted with coral
strange modifications causing stranger looks

underneath the skin

quiet watches pumping life
ceramic bones and artificial appendages
appending freedom to our fragility

underneath our skin

magnets to feel fields
artificial eyes peered
emotions shared in zeros and ones

all underneath our skin

silent whispers oscillate
all of which makes me contemplate
where is the soul of a cyborg?

underneath the skin

will it transcend with my humanity?
is a brain without a body alone?

bore that hole, make the slit
replace my body with a kit

just keep it underneath my skin

Written by Tom Longson (nym). Released in the public domain or whatever licence is the most liberal. Go ahead and make money off it, I don't care, but I would appreciate a link and credit. Danke!

Magnetic arm implant photo from madmax tatoo&piercing. "magnets to feel fields" line inspired by someone I met last weekend who had a magnetic implant in his finger to feel currents in power cables.

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