June 21, 2004
Giveaways and Posthumanism

logo.gifIn the past month igargoyle has seen over 3,500 page views, not including our full rss feeds. Thanks for your patronage, it's been fun publishing (mostly) every day this past month. As a reward, the first three people to email me at tomlong zat g mail zot com get accounts on google's amazing new gmail. I also have one gmail account for whoever emails me links or leads, or plug you shamelessly if you prefer.

On another note, I thought I'd share this disturbing short story from Warren Ellis of http://diepunyhumans.com/ that was published a while ago. I was reminded of it by a friend talking about wanting to write, and a robotic suit article I saw on engadget. Exoskeletons are great, but when will we have cybortenticals?

"okay...that story creeped me out. thank you very much nym..." [Rich_Gibson]

Warning: This story is pretty graphic.

robotsuit.jpgShe used to have eyes I could lose myself in, and then she had them replaced with laser pointers. Little red dots jumping up and down on the bedroom wall as I took her from behind. I could live with that until she had the animal voice import. The cheetah purring was okay, but the dingo noises just killed the mood. The combination of the red eyes and the gorilla sounds when she jerked off was horrible. A few weeks later, things were moving down there that shouldn't have. Don't be scared, she said, as stuff pumped like organ stops under her skin. Something extended itself and waved at me.

I threw up between her legs and she didn't talk to me for a week. Which I suppose you can't really blame her for, but still.

I knew it was over when she cut her legs off.

Had them hacked off at the knee and came home with a suitcase full of modular replacements. The stumps had little Firewire ports that plugged into the new lower leg units. She fitted what she called her Sex Legs and flexed artificial toes, feet fixed in a perfect arch to accomodate the welded-on six-inch heels. Apparently there were Segway gyroscopes in the calves to keep her upright when she walked.

I came home one night to find her in a red latex minidress and sixteen legs. Spider things were sprouted from her knees, eight legs each. She paraded on the plastic kitchen floor for me, swinging her hips. Clackclackclackclack on the floor. Clackclackclackclack.

She stuck her tongue out at me when I started retching. There was what looked like a DC power inlet on the tip.

After that, it just got ugly. I had to go. I saw her again a couple of weeks ago. She introduced her new boyfriend as Spin. His skin was cold and shiny, like white plastic coating over steel. He had a revolving drum in his stomach. She leant against him and grinned.

I'm living in my car now. My car loves me. I mean, it wouldn't have grown a real vagina for me otherwise, would it?

Rich also gave me this link about future shock levels. "I thought I was a big singularity guy...but then, actually thinking of firewire ports in my leg stumps seems, well, a bit off putting." [Rich_Gibson]

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