October 26, 2003
DejaView Details

dejaview-abc.jpgFound an article about the DejaView written by ABCNews, which has some interesting tidbits about the Point of View Camera company, DejaView. DejaView has launched their website, and talked a bit about their product, but have yet to sell it to the public.

They don't intend for their camera to be covert. This is probably a PR move to rebuke critics of new camera technology, but abc revealed unintentionally that they don't aim at empowering individuals as much as empowering law enforcement, as evident in the following paragraph:

'Bajarin, meanwhile, sees a better market among special "vertical" segments such as the law enforcement community.'

The article also says that DejaView has attained '...$500,000 in private funding to develop prototypes of the cameras. But, it's also in the process of raising the estimated $5 million needed to ramp up production and hopefully begin distribution to mass market retail chains before the end of the year.'

Not surprising. I'm wondering how long it will take for them to get anything out on the market though. Maybe Sony or Phillips will beat them to it.

The ABC article is available here, but don't bother reading it unless you're looking for information about why a Point of View camera is a good or bad idea for society. Good or bad, this technology is about to hit big time.

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