October 25, 2003
Wearable Cameras

Well it looks like the industry is starting to explore the idea of wearable cameras. Two cameras are actually out on the market, the Minox (german company, pictured at left), and the Philips Wearable Digital Camera (pictured on right). Both are USB cameras, but the Minox seems to be a much higher quality cam. philipscamerakeyring.jpgOn the other hand, the Phillips cam is definitely a good buy for approximately $100USD, which is much less pricey than the Minox which is 229 (approximately $250USD).

I haven't seen photos of either of these cameras being worn, but they do seem like they're getting closer to things like the DejaView Point of View camera which we previously reported on. My hope is that more wearable cameras will enter the market, paving the way for the mass market POV cams for that TekGear would sell, like their recent camera/HMD concept prototype (pictured below).

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