August 09, 2008

Bio-Visualization Apparel @ The Last HOPE

via Make Blog

In the video link above, Sean Montgomery presents his EEG multicolored LED hat, ECG shirt, and GSR bracelet. Respectfully, they sense and visulize brainwave, heart rate, and skin conductivity.

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July 19, 2004

Collective Reputation

First Monday has an interesting article on collaborative reputation systems, aka trust metrics. I'm working in this field for the non-profit collaborative publishing project which I've written about before, called thingster.

"Information overload, challenges of evaluating quality, and the opportunity to benefit from experiences of others have spurred the development of reputation systems. Most Internet sites which mediate between large numbers of people use some form of reputation mechanism: Slashdot, eBay, ePinions, Amazon, and Google all make use of collaborative filtering, recommender systems, or shared judgements of quality.

But we suggest the potential utility of reputation services is far greater, touching nearly every aspect of society. By leveraging our limited and local human judgement power with collective networked filtering, it is possible to promote an interconnected ecology of socially beneficial reputation systems to restrain the baser side of human nature, while unleashing positive social changes and enabling the realization of ever higher goals." [Manifesto for the Reputation Society]

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