September 29, 2010

Looxcie Review: Wearable cameras are now a reality

I always wanted a wearable camera. Four years ago, I built one for Burning Man, and got some great video. I left it running for hours, just capturing everything, which was both fun and challenging. I had to wear a giant toolbelt with an Archos recorder in it, and a video camera on my head with a very precarious cord hanging down for the feed and battery.

Now in 2010, there's a camera that does most of what I originally wanted, and it's pretty damn comfortable considering.

It has neat features, like a button to capture the last thirty seconds. It looks sci-fi, and you use your Android phone to interact with it, both viewing clips you took, and to use your smartphone as a viewfinder.

There's a few things I could complain about, the app is hardly polished, but it works. It captures 15 frames a second, and again, works. I keep boggling at the fact that there's this wireless thing that's on my head, ready to save a video if anything extraordinary happens (or maybe just interesting).

Overall, it's neat, and if you have $200 to spare, and would like to pretend to be a gargoyle from Neil Stephenson's snowcrash (like I do), why not? This is about as comfortable a wearable camera as I've seen, and frankly, I would love for you to get one just so they can justify making an HD Looxcie in the not so distant future. I just hope Youtubers like Shaycarl or KassemG makes the Looxcie internet-famous.

Buy it here: Looxcie on Amazon ($199)

Weight: 28g (1 oz.)
HVGA Video (15 frames / second)
4GB internal storage
f 2.8 lens
Auto color and light correction
5 hrs video storage
4 hrs record time
MP4 output (requires email on Android currently, or connecting the Looxcie to a computer via USB)

Dual silicon MEMS microphones, which aren't incredible, but work.
33 ft Range
DSP noise cancellation
6 hrs talk time

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